The price of freedom is steep

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many have entered the castle



There was nothing quite like the sight of a city when you have been on the road for quite some time. His feet aching within his boots, Squall Leonhart felt the winds of change about him as he had made his way toward the gates. To think that his luck would be so fortuitous that he should be greeted by a woman like this, dressed so finely, struck him rather hard.

On one hand, he’d never been quite so close to royalty before. She was rather different than what he’d come to expect; the lords of areas nearby saw him as nothing but another blade, and they gladly paid him for his sword. The royal seemed to look at him as a person, rather than as a lowly sellsword.

On the other hand, it reminded him so much of who he was, and where he’d come from. Her own dress brought him some reminder of his status as lowly sellsword, peasant who would never move beyond where he was. Some dark thoughts passed through his mind; perhaps she might be worth something as a hostage, something to barter his way up the ladder, but his mind quickly passed the thought on; he’d get nothing from this interaction likely. 

No matter how a noble looked at you, they were still a noble. Unless you’re already one of them, then you’re not worth much.

"…I’m here looking for work." His curt response was coupled along with a lowering of his head, a token of respect. At least he hoped she wasn’t someone hiding a malicious side behind a smile.

He didn’t press the conversation any further; another reminder of his status. If she wished it, she’d continue the conversation.

The thoughts of kidnapping Midgar’s sole female heir to the throne had crossed many a mind in the past, just as few would cross the threshold of the kingdom unless they be allies. However, that was the past and this was now and though there was much turmoil throughout the land, many things had become much more lax.

Like Seiriol’s own forced imprisonment in her own home.

Thusly did the young woman tilt her head in slight bafflement, his tone confusing her momentarily until she regained her composure and smiling, just a touch curious yet entirely enthusiastic. There were bright sides to being stuck inside stone walls all her life; her ability to interact with others was completely different.


Seiriol, since her release, was one who loved her people and would lend a hand where able. While she never experienced it, she understood that many were restricted by their class, felt imprisoned by the status of which they were born. That little existed for them outside the four walls that made up their lives; in a way she sympathized with the peasants. She sympathized with the people

For work?" her voice echoed sweetly. There was no lack of work within Midgar in many areas, such as the castle guard for one. The city patrol was always understaffed, the healers in need of assistants and even the local florist had his trouble with hands in his shop. "Is there a certain talent you have? I could most likely point you to the proper guild. I’m familiar with many who are in need…oh, please raise your head, I can’t look you in the eyes when we speak…I am…a little bit uneased when I can’t look someone in the eye, so please humour my silly insecurity a moment.

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many have entered the castle

There were not many whom were allowed within the castle walls in the past and less so in these days of war and bloodshed, but those who came were welcomed graciously. Visitors were a precious commodity for a young royal who had naught, but her own estranged family as visitors and a handful of distant attendants for conversation.

Seiriol bowed her head lightly in polite greeting. “Welcome to Midgar. Pray, what business do you have with the kingdom? I will be sure to accommodate your inquiries to the best of my ability.

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Well that clears that up then.


well this is super duper handy

Nothing is sexier than armor.

Except when you remember that you have to take it all off in order to do the sex and by the time you finally get it all off you’re too damn knackered to bother with the sex.

Well one of my guildies did see a suit of armor without anything covering the crotch area sooooo

*makes mental notes on armoring for later relevance*

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ReportingforDuty: No sexy pics here. Just muse dressed in a pretty gown being all princess-y. Mmmmhmmm.

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//Absurdly helpful for people writing royal characters and/or characters who interact with royalty and members of the nobility.


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Alt-7 Sephiroth

The General did not deserve to live - not after everything he had done. Once he had come to his senses - the evil that had been summoned and used his body banished by the legendary blade - he realized with dawning horror all the atrocities he had committed due to his lack of strength. And he knew and understood that his body could be used as a vessel once more - that was what he had been bred and born to do - be a vessel for some eldritch abomination summoned by sorcerors who sought the end of all things.

And yet, instead of being given punishment by one who should hate him every every fibre of their being, the monster of a man was set free and told never to return to his homeland. This struck the man harder than the announcement of his execution, for he did not see this move by his ex-fiancee as an act of mercy, but cruelty.

If she had loved him at all, she would have killed him on the spot to end his misery.

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Snow falls, yet because of this, the moon dares not show its face…how melancholy. I was looking forward to gazing upon it this eve…

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tornscales has entered the castle

Is that…was that…?

Oh…oh, my. You must be what most call a dragon, are you not?" the young woman stated aloud. Nervously, she edged away, years of being told to stay away from beasts like this coming to mind. Many had warned the princess to keep away from all that were more than twice her size, in case they would eat her. "Are you…friendly…?" At least she was attempting to be civil. Maybe the dragon there would be courteous as well?

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masochisticsadist has entered the castle

Your locks are very enchanting, my foreign lady. Pray, how did it come to be such a beauteous hue of aubergine?" She’s seen many amazing hair colours in her time (all right, not many; being a shut in didn’t help in that area) but this shade of violet really was eye catching! Nothing like it existed in this kingdom as far as the girl knew. Curiosity ate at the young royal; she just had to know if it was natural or magicked in some manner. Head tilted and smile wide, Seiriol awaited patiently for an answer to her inquiry.

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