The price of freedom is steep

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ReportingforDuty: No sexy pics here. Just muse dressed in a pretty gown being all princess-y. Mmmmhmmm.

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//Absurdly helpful for people writing royal characters and/or characters who interact with royalty and members of the nobility.


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Alt-7 Sephiroth

The General did not deserve to live - not after everything he had done. Once he had come to his senses - the evil that had been summoned and used his body banished by the legendary blade - he realized with dawning horror all the atrocities he had committed due to his lack of strength. And he knew and understood that his body could be used as a vessel once more - that was what he had been bred and born to do - be a vessel for some eldritch abomination summoned by sorcerors who sought the end of all things.

And yet, instead of being given punishment by one who should hate him every every fibre of their being, the monster of a man was set free and told never to return to his homeland. This struck the man harder than the announcement of his execution, for he did not see this move by his ex-fiancee as an act of mercy, but cruelty.

If she had loved him at all, she would have killed him on the spot to end his misery.

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Snow falls, yet because of this, the moon dares not show its face…how melancholy. I was looking forward to gazing upon it this eve…

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Is that…was that…?

Oh…oh, my. You must be what most call a dragon, are you not?" the young woman stated aloud. Nervously, she edged away, years of being told to stay away from beasts like this coming to mind. Many had warned the princess to keep away from all that were more than twice her size, in case they would eat her. "Are you…friendly…?" At least she was attempting to be civil. Maybe the dragon there would be courteous as well?

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Your locks are very enchanting, my foreign lady. Pray, how did it come to be such a beauteous hue of aubergine?" She’s seen many amazing hair colours in her time (all right, not many; being a shut in didn’t help in that area) but this shade of violet really was eye catching! Nothing like it existed in this kingdom as far as the girl knew. Curiosity ate at the young royal; she just had to know if it was natural or magicked in some manner. Head tilted and smile wide, Seiriol awaited patiently for an answer to her inquiry.

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"What in Gaia-"
One moment he’d been heading out to the markets; the next, a sudden weight had descended as though from heaven itself to nearly knock him out cold. Sprawled out flat across the ground, Omega was dimly aware that he wasn’t alone - and that somebody was talking to him. Was that a girl’s voice? It sounded like it, or at least three girls were calling out to him simultaneously.

"I… I think so," the dark-haired male answered each in turn, glancing around the area in a dazed and disoriented manner. His vision realigning itself seconds later, Omega watched as blades of grass on the earth below came into focus once again, along with the awareness that the weight from earlier had now shifted. Turning his head, the youth’s eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the woman who’d fallen onto him. Who did she think she was, playing around like a child?

"You should really be more careful. You could have hurt yourself falling from that high, you know -" the boy chided softly, glancing up at the swaying branches above. He rubbed his head, still spinning faintly as he sat up.

Oh, my. How utterly careless of her to have jumped before looking; that was the first rule of leaping, after all! Look! And now some poor man had to suffer her inadequacies as a sneak princess (sneak thief didn’t sound quite right, even though it must seem like she was acting like one). After she’d climbed off of him and called for him, Seiriol remained at his side to see to his health. For the moments, the bells that normally signalled the royal guard when she’d gone missing had yet to start ringing. It would be fine to dawdle an extra moment.

As eyes turned to stare at her, the princess squeaked; what fierce eyes! She honestly felt as if she were being scolded by them, though the rest of the male’s features seemed neutral enough. And why not? She did fall on top of him.

If her tutors knew how clumsy she was, they’d definitely chastise her.

Ah…" Hearing the simple admonishment, the girl blushed, nodding in understanding. At least he hadn’t yelled at her. Seeing that he was trying to sit up, her arms moved to help him keep steady. "I apologize, good sir. I normally don’t go around landing on top of people, especially men. It truly was a thoughtless mistake of mine, please forgive my transgression.

Daintily, slender digits touched a spot on his head. “Are you sure you are unharmed? I may be able to heal you if there is some injury…


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His search brought him to a place he had never seen before, a world unlike any he had seen before. His lord had taught him to be wary whenever entering anywhere, someone could be waiting just beyond the corner of your eye, ready to attack. A hand pressed lightly against the string of his bow, which hung around his shoulder. Caught off guard by the sudden cheerful call, he spun towards the voice. Finding a woman who seemed to be barely armed, if armed at all, he stood to his full 6 foot height and bowed. “My name is Gregory Esclair,” he announced. “A refreshment sounds lovely, alas, I have already had my fill to drink and eat from my wineskin,” he explained, patting the brown jug hanging from his waist. “I come in search of a man by the name of Kefka Palazzo, you have not heard anything, have you?”


Seiriol Anna Deusericus," the young woman introduced politely with a nod of her head. "Fourth child of the royal family of Midgar. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Sir Esclair.”

Kefka…Palazzo…?" The name rung something of a bell, but in terms of foreign affairs she was often left out of the loop in favour of handling the domestic disputes and troubles concerning Midgar. But she had heard it from somewhere, after all. Maybe one of her brothers mentioned him? "In passing, I’m afraid. Our kingdom is rebuilding after a very long war. Pray…for what reason do you seek out this Palazzo? Is he some foul villain of some manner out to wreak havoc?" If that were the case, it would be quite the problem; Midgar could not handle more distractions as it were. Steps needed to be taken.

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"I am, my lady." Even though Yuffie disliked politeness she still was one of Wutai’s most important politicians’s daughter… and she had at least to pretend to behave properly. 

"I’m here in Lord Kisaragi’s stead. Our clan will spend few days in the city and even though he couldn’t find the time to pay you a visit he wanted at least send his formal greetings " She was supposed to go with guards, wearing her furisode and after decorating her short hair… but Yuffie preferred to keep her green hakama on and trot in before meeting her body guards. Geez, she disliked so much having to spend her time trying to impress others with social skills she knew she didn’t have.

There had been tell of a rather tomboyish daughter of the Wutai line that had spread even as far as to the sheltered princess’ ears. That was more impressive to the princess than some fancy title; honestly, that the young lady could live so freely with her head held high was something completely praiseworthy! Smiling, Seiriol waved her hand, as if to dismiss the stifling air of formality. Though she too had been schooled in the way of a proper daughter of a ruler, Seiriol was hardly one to talk in terms of keeping to propriety.

It’s all right, Lady Kisaragi. Oh, no…wait…Yuffie, isn’t it?" She hoped she’d pronounced the name properly. It was so dazzlingly foreign! "Lady Yuffie? Or would you prefer Miss Yuffie? Whatever you prefer…welcome! And please…after everything that has occured between your country and mine, wouldn’t it be better if we were friendly instead of just putting on airs?


Truth be told…I’m excited to get to know you! So please…call me Seiriol when we’re together. Oh, of course…please thank your esteemed father for paying the capital a visit.

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With a gentle smile, the young royal tilted her head downward in a show of respect for her guest. “A pleasure to meet you, sir. Welcome to the Kingdom of Midgar. May your stay be pleasant and may you honour us with a lengthy visit." Raising her head, Seiriol smiled serenely at the man, a stranger in her home. With all of her brothers gone or busy, it was up to her to formally greet everyone who happened upon their home with warm, open arms. "I am Seiriol, first princess of this kingdom and your host for the time being.

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