The price of freedom is steep

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The Son of Sparda

"No ‘sir’ at all,"  the vivacious male replied, "not I, only a vagrant. I come from a land bedeviled with devils."  He bowed his head and rose.  "I am Dante, son of the legendary knight Sparda, at your service, honorable Highness."   A rogueish appearance slid over his features - unshaven, yet clean, eyes like the icy northern mountains and yet full of heathen fire.  He carried one broad double-edged sword at his back; his hands rested on his hips, helmet wedged underneath his arm in place.

A wave of murmurs went through the entire court, many nobles whispering amongst them all the name of the legendary knight, Sparda. The young regent sat quietly until all the voices died down, listening to them all as she studied the face of the stranger in the chamber. Seiriol did not know whom this knight was, having been sheltered from the rest of the lands until rather recently when she was made to rule in the stead of her dead father and absent brothers. What she heard made a chill go up her spine. These were incredible tales, but many spoke fearfully, of the man who had the strength of a devil.

If what you say is true, pray…tell us why you wish to swear your fealty to this kingdom?" the lady asked, eyes soft and expression curiously sweet. Midgar was not a place that was beloved by the other realms, such was an empire that was constantly trying to overcome others. Though the tyrant king no longer lived, that did not keep others from being mistrustful of Midgar and its royal family. "Tell me, son of Sparda…what draws you here, truly?

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*whispers* wait until I finish the frames and add COLOUR to them

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//I should be doing other things. I’m doing this animation instead. Ahahahahahaha. I still more frames to do, but I hope it’ll be a nice stunning gift for txrvus as well as the Maleval lovers out there.

Let me be your wings~

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"Beyond the Moors lies a kingdom of мєη.

                                   The last word was subtly emphasized, carrying
                                   the slightest hint of bitterness. Maleficent doubted
                                   that this girl would come to any harm should she
                                   enter Stefan’s domain; though the rest could not
                                   be said for herself or any other creature of the
                                   moorlands. She turned slightly and looked back
                                   over her shoulder in the direction of the border
                                   between the respective kingdoms.

"A wall of thorns surrounds this land, but
I will let you through if need вє.

Why could she sense a note of resentment in the other’s tone whilst she spoke of the lands beyond the thorns? As if no rose stood behind them, but yet more thorns and brambles that laid in wait to tear apart all who entered.

If it’s all the same, may I rest a bit? An hour or so would suffice and then I’ll be on my way…" The trek to get here already had been very trying, leaving the young woman without her mount and still very much fleeing from whence she came. A breather would do her health good before being forced to continue walking. “I do not want to impose, of course…I can understand if you wish me…gone, from your home.

There was small implication of fear in her voice, mixed together with resignation. A bitter acceptance. Shirley knew she would be running for a long time yet.

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#LangLeav #poem #poetry #LoveAndMisadventure 📚💭

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Diaval there is no time for your lovestruck kawaii-ness omg.

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クイーン by: KANKITO

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A guide to common terms used in describing tiaras

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